Friday, January 10, 2014

Naked Faith May Be Required

I would really like to think that there comes a day when Life doesn’t throw me any more surprise parties.  I suppose that will be when I am dead.

Sometimes, the result of this is that I become temporarily Afraid of Life. I want It to leave me alone. I stay home, and hunker down. I close the blinds, put on a heavy sweatshirt, eat popcorn, and waste incredibly large chunks of Time. I sleep. I travel out to get the things I need, moving carefully and purposefully from my car to the store, or work, and back again. I speak to no one unless spoken to. In this way, I fool myself into thinking that I have escaped Life’s notice for a little while – that I have stopped the world ‘cause I wanna get off.

Of course, we know it does not work this way. Life is the Ultimate Party Girl and you are going to get dragged along – kicking and screaming if necessary. So wouldn’t it be better to just roll with it rather than dig in one’s heels or get the spaghetti arms and drop to the floor and say, “I’m not doing it!!” Yes, yes it would, probably.

And sometimes…I do. But sometimes……… requires incredible bravery or just hutzpah or determination or naked faith to go along.

Today, I shall crack open a can of Naked Faith and rejoin the party.

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