Monday, May 20, 2013

Contents Under Pressure: Look Out, She's Gonna Blow!

Everyone suffers from potential head explosion. We are all just walking around with the pressure building up inside our skulls. This is because we absorb so much that is baloney, clogging our mental processes with a thick, garlic-laden lunch meat. Add to that mix our inner fears, woes, and worries and probably a lack of sleep, and you have a recipe for an explosion sandwich.

Enter your creative outlet – a way for you to avoid the messy head explosion.
Your creative outlet is not going to be about responsibilities, obligations, finances, or chores. It is not going to give you worry, or angst, or depression. It is going to be something that brings you JOY. Joy is something we have little enough of in our lives, and JOY is not really sought after, except at Christmas time, when it is wished to the entire world --  which is a shame. We can experience JOY any time, with no carols involved.
This joy is a standalone by-product of whatever your creative outlet might be. It’s not contingent upon rightness, or whether you deserve it, or any such nonsense. For you, my friends, I have gone to the Thesaurus for words that also define joy: happiness, delight, pleasure, enjoyment, bliss, ecstasy, elation, thrill, gladness. Of course, depending on what you are doing, you could possibly experience any or all of these feelings in varying degrees.

All you need to do is find that creative outlet that does it for you. You might like to draw, paint, write, sing, take photographs, sew, play golf, cook, ride horses, visit museums, go to concerts, window shop, read, ride your bike, sit outside and listen to nature, play a musical instrument, chat with a friend over a cup of coffee, take a walk, plant a garden… get the idea? Things that just bring you joy for the sake of doing them are worth doing. Not only are they worth doing, you MUST do them, if you plan on keeping your head intact.  

**Blogger's Note: After publishing this blog, I discovered that my last 3 posts have made references to exploding heads or heads exploding. I see a theme here, a disturbing theme.**


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