Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Avoid the Use of "VOX" In My Posts

There’s a movement out there, it’s a grass roots thing. A murmur. An undercurrent of dissention. It’s  similar to the backlash against using “Xmas” in place of the word “Christmas” (though not driven by the same principles, at all).  People – some people – really hate it when they see the term “vox” used in place of the word “vocals.”
Probably once upon a time, this was the cool thing to do. But I tell you it’s just not hip any more! And you know, as the years pass, it is harder and harder to hold on to any hint of hipness (we all know why – I’m not goin’ there today).  I must not tempt the gods of Hipnosity!
I actually never used the term “vox” anyway. For years, I didn’t even know what it meant. I thought it was an instrument someone was playing, as in “hey, who is playing the vox on that record?” Then somewhere along the way, I figured it out, all by myself. Lately, I've noticed hateful comments about the use of the word/term.  Typical. Just about the time when I get a handle on something, somebody goes and declares it passé.
Hipness is elusive.  It is a quality that some possess, but others do not, for no apparent reason. Hipness is like some sort of heavy vapor that clings to your clothing and wafts after you as you pass by. But you are not aware of it. You just are. Hip. If you are.
So, no “vox” in my Nashville posts, I vow. I am, however, quite lazy and I plan to continue to use the word “XMAS” no matter how many people it pisses off.


  1. "vox populi"--a latin phrase meaning 'voice of the people.' yep, i took latin in high school.

  2. Vox populi. Now that I like. Vox --I admit I dislike the word on sight. It looks like the word for a new social media web tool.

  3. I liked your discussion of hipness. For more musings on the subject, check out "What is hip" by Tower of Power.

  4. as a matter of fact, that song was the first thing that came to mind. i almost quoted it. but decided not to! igual mente, mi hermana