Monday, October 1, 2012

Birthin' the Baby: My New CD is Born!

Dear Bloglodites,

I'm happy to announce that my new CD, The Balance, has finally emerged! I have a few of the tracks uploaded onto my website and you can listen to them if you click HERE.

Images and Jacket Design by JSi Photography
 I recorded this CD in Nashville: It was a journey unlike any other, and it allowed me to reach far beyond what I thought I could accomplish, and from somewhere deep down, bring it.

Images and Jacket Design by JSi Photography

The Balance FAQs:

1. Where can I get the CD? The CD is available for purchase NOW - right this minute! - on my website at Just click on the link for "Music" to get started.  You can order a physical CD or download the album. You can even order it signed - for posterity, I guess.  Of course  probably the best way to obtain it is to buy it at one of my shows. Then I can really personalize it with a big ol' sharpie.

2.What kind of music is it?Oh, now, come on. It's L-raising music from heart of America, baby!

3. Holy cow! I see that there are 18 songs on your CD! That's a lot! (not really a question but sort of demands a response)Yes! There are actually 2 versions of each of the 9 songs on the album. One is a full production version, and the other is a more intimate, unplugged version. We wanted to offer both to my fans because when I play live, you get that acoustic version. But the songs demanded (yes they did, really) to be also recorded in their full regalia with their party hats on.
4. Where was the album recorded? It was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee! To make sure I brought my "A" game, I enlisted the help of a producer, hence the addition of Gary Beard - a very talented songwriter in his own right. Gary also co-wrote the song "Billy" with me. We hope you'll really like the end result.
5. How do you come up with the idea for the song "Don't Look Down?"Beats me! I was just a blow-drying my big hair one morning and it popped into my head and pretty much insisted on being written. When a song is that pushy, I do what I'm told.

6. I heard that your cat, Toonie, wanted to be on the CD...? He actually was on one of the rough recordings I was doing. He was such a natural, with impeccable timing and perfect pitch, that I really wanted to put him on. In the end, I just didn't want to share the spotlight with him. He takes up a lot of space.

unimpressed by the trappings of success

7. Is there a significance to "9"? You chose 9 songs for the album. We chose the strongest songs. After we added song #9, it seemed like a complete project, so we stopped, and had a beer.   

8. What is the "secret" about this CD?There's a tiny picture of Gary Beard, my producer, hidden somewhere in the design. Just for fun.

During the next few weeks, I'll be scheduling some shows that will help me roll out my new baby. The first one will be on October 13 at Fence Stile Vineyards & Winery in Excelsior Springs.
I'm also going to add some fun stuff on the website about the Making of the Balance. Stay tuned!

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  1. Aghhh! I can't wait to come to a show and buy one! You are such a talent!

  2. Your CD format is double the fun, double the pleasure. Like the Double-Mint twins, only less ditzy.

  3. a thousand blessings upon you for your comments, fthb