Sunday, September 9, 2012

Coffee Is King

I have been drinking a fair amount of coffee this morning. It has given me a unique kind of clarity on all that would otherwise elude me. If you want to get your blood pumping and your synapses snapping, grab yourself a cup of joe.

After about half a pot, I feel compelled to share this Important Advice:

Drink more coffee.

Yes, yes, I am aware that only a few short months ago I was bemoaning the adverse effects of caffeine. You’re just going to have to find a way to get past all of that. That was yesterday.
This is today.
Coffee is King.

Sometimes - rarely -  I sort of max out on coffee early in the day. I can drink it non-stop for hours. But on occasion, it bites me back. That’s okay. We might be on-again/off-again, but overall, we are able to maintain a good relationship.
I probably wrote this little blues song on one of our off-again days:

It’s like screws at your temples borin’ into your brain                      
Too much caffeine will drive you insane
You get a funny little feelin’ like you might need to gag
You get shaky hands and feet, but your eyeballs seem to drag
You get energy and lethargy all in the same vein
Too much caffeine will drive you insane

Too much caffeine, I’ve had too much caffeine today
Too much of the bean, I’ve had too much caffeine today

It’s that unexpected ailment that starts in the heart          
Makes it race like a motor, makes your mind extra smart
Then it creeps up and sneaks up inside of your head
The next thing you know you could wake up dead
‘Cause caffeine won’t let you leave it alone
Caffeine gets into your blood and your bones yeah

Too much caffeine, I’ve had too much caffeine today
Too much of the bean, I’ve had too much caffeine today

© Laura Lisbeth 2007


  1. I love this post. I love that it's all about COFFEE! It makes me want to drink coffee. It makes me want to run out right now and get me some COFFEE! Forget my acid reflux! Forget the assault on my stomach! I need to embrace the dark side. I need to be drinking coffee!!

  2. Coffee good. I like drink. I raise my unshaven pits to the sky. Give thanks to the bean gods. Would trade many husbands for one good cup.

    1. well i can't get past this unshaven pits image.