Monday, May 14, 2012

the risky road

well i'm headed
down the risky road
takin' nothing but a prayer
and the dreams i've stowed
will i get to where i'm going ?
i dont know
cause it's a risky road

keep walking forward
don't look back
there's no point in crying
over what you lack
just keep your feet between the ridges of the narrow tracks
of that risky road

i'm not the first one to make a leap of faith
i won't be the last to cross the gap 
sheerly on grace
and the day will come
when my foolish heart can't keep the pace
down the risky road

copyright Laura Lisbeth 2012


  1. But the scenery is so much better along the risky road. And your heart will thank you for taking a chance to pursue its desire.

  2. you ARE a songwriter!