Sunday, March 4, 2012

Girl: Interrupted

How frustrating and annoying it is to get sidelined by a simple everyday malady such as a cold/flu/sinus thing! I’ve been hunkered down in survival mode since last weekend and it’s getting old.
For more than a week, I’ve felt too tired to get on line and do the things I need to do. I haven’t written songs or poetry, and have barely answered emails, checked my bank balance, or paid the cable bill. Meanwhile, my list of unGoogled items grows longer by the minute.
Because you see, there are things I must Google. And they are things that have nothing whatsoever to do with my art or work. At any given moment, I am carrying around a mental list of things that I need to look up for informational purposes. In addition, there are things I need to Google just because they are there.
Here is a partial list, in no particular order:
How to repot a plant that has been in the same pot for 10 years.
Should you repot a plant that has been in the same pot for 10 years.
How to tell if you are a plant abuser.
A recipe for apple slaw
Is Kim Kardashian’s butt real?
How many calories in a corn meal muffin?
Corn meal muffin recipes
Why does my cat groom himself excessively?
Is Beyonce & JayZ’s baby wearing a wig?
Did Beyonce use a surrogate?
What are these minute red bugs I see from time to time?
When is the best time of year to prune your shrubs?
Sinus headache acupressure points
How to get rid of corns?
Does duct tape remove warts?
What about corns?
The ultimate brownie recipe
The ultimate cheesecake recipe.

The list goes on. It could take me another week to catch up.


  1. Try this when you feel up to it:

    1. it looks promising...have you tried it? i only question the ranch dressing seasoning...hmmmm

  2. So glad to here you are on your way back. Sounds more like a touch of the plague than a cold or flu.
    I am anxious to hear what you find out from your Google-fest. I have a plant that hasn't been repotted for over 16 years. I am probably more likely to be a plant abuser than you, given the extra six years and the unfortunate fact that I hadn't even thought about it.
    KK's butt: I assume you mean "authentic" or "genuine" as opposed to "real". I don't have to resort to Google to tell you that it is UNREAL!
    The only plant that I prune is the lilac and I know that they are to be pruned when the forsyhthia is in bloom.
    Check with your sister regarding the effective uses of duct tape.
    As for the rest of your list, I would have to resort to Google, as well. But I'll leave that to you and hope that you post the results of your research.

    1. this plant things has me worried. that plant is like one of my children. i might accidently kill it. on the other hand, if i let the situation continue, it will probably die, strangled by its own roots. yes i need to take action! action, i tell you!

      agreed: kk's butt IS unreal. i keep wondering what it will look like when she's 60. as if i didn't have enough on my mind.

  3. I got number 16 covered. Duct tape does cure warts. I already found this information myself on the interwebs.

    Your need to know list indeed includes many pressing questions. I for one am dying to hear more about that possible wig-wearing surrogated baby.

    1. but have you TRIED it!! have you, yourself walked around with duct tape on, my sister? inquiring as well as aimless minds want to know.

  4. You are feeling better if you have your humor; this is so funny! Hope you are feeling better soon! Hope to see you soon at a venue near me....Take care and get better soon.

    1. thanks kathy! i'm working on getting something booked at fence stile soon

  5. Ahem--I have no WARTS, so no need to wrap myself with duct tape. But I read it on the internet so I know it's true.

  6. tiny red bugs...chiggers perhaps? what kind of plant is it that's been potted for 10 years? who knows how much bigger and healthier it could grow if you would just release it from it's 10 year prison. don't prune azaleas now..they're setting their buds. you can cut back ornamental grasses, if you've left them to wither and dry over the winter. best brownie recipe...hersheys cocoa brownies. sorry you have been ailing. hope you are on the road to recovery.