Sunday, January 22, 2012

Minding My Biz

Being a performing songwriter  is more than just a hobby to me. I guess in some ways, it’s a calling. Does that make it a vocation? The truth is, it’s a sideline business, and I’m always striving to be better at taking care of business. To do this, I require focus, energy, time, and a belief in myself.

Taking care of business is an endless task, similar in its perpetual-ness to weeding the garden, doing laundry, tweezing your chin hairs – there is always more that requires care and attention and it’s sooo easy to fall behind. 
I confess that I am often sporadic about taking care of my music biz. If my music biz was a car with a manual transmission, you’d see it shuddering and jerking down the street, as I try to shift gears and keep from killing it all together.  That’s how I drive it sometimes.  And often, I don’t even know for sure which way I’m headed, which can be a problem both in life and in driving.
One thing I have figured out, however, is that I value my talent.  And you know, it’s HARD sometimes to value yourself and what you have to offer. I wasn’t raised that way! Someone was always afraid we might get “the Big Head.”  But how can I expect others to value it if I don’t value it myself?  And  conversely, if EVERYONE values it BUT me – I will never really get the return on the process of creating that I seek.


  1. Some of my "greatest" accomplishments are unknown to many, including friends an family. But I have found that personal satisfaction is often times better than glory.
    I do it for ME. Anybody can watch, if they want.

  2. You are a great songwriter and have a beautiful voice. I so enjoyed hearing and seeing you at Unity this past Sunday. You must beat to your own drum GF!
    I can't imagine you ever getting the BIG head.
    You are a talented artist so learn to live with it..LOL

  3. HB- you are one of a kind for sure. thanks for your input.
    Kathy - thanks so much for coming Sunday - what fun! your words lift me up - but wait! oooh i can feel my head getting bigger right now....!!

  4. The Big Head --so true about how we grew up, and so ridiculous, like any of us were in danger of getting over-confident about ourselves. Anyway, you're so right about valuing what you have to offer. And H.B., I also love the way you put it- --"I do it for ME. Anybody can watch, if they want."

    Now what is that patch, and where did you get it?

  5. the bigger the head..the closer to heaven. wait, maybe that's "the bigger the hair, the closer to heaven."

  6. either way, i'm in like flynn, baby!

  7. FTHB - your comment originally went into my spam folder! spooky!!

  8. that's gotta be the elvis tcb patch....